UT Professional Staff Association

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee serves as an advocate for PSA members in all aspects of professional development.  The Committee supports PSA members' professional growth and career achievement by recommending policies and changes regarding professional development to University administration through the Professional Staff Council and Human Resources.  Subjects within the Committee's purview include employee orientation, performance appraisal, compensation, training, leadership development, and career paths.  The Committee may also act on any other topic related to PSA members' professional development.


Emily Creamer    
Emily Creamer – Co-chair

Aleiah Jones - Co-chair

  • Joely Giammarco
  • Dave Walczak
  • Hesham Youssef
  • Kari Dilworth
  • Jamie Fager
  • Danielle Gelbaugh
  • Claudia Dansby
  • Katrina Nottke
  • Teri Green
  • Stacy Jenkins
  • Kristi Strobel
  • Tracy Jahns
  • Jacqueline Berger
  • Heather Karns
  • Susan Edinger
  • Joan Easler
  • Shana Pyle
  • Melissa Hansen
  • Julie Radwanski
  • Jing Meyer
  • Betty Anzaldua
  • Leslie Meyer
  • Kerri Rahman
  • Nan O'Connor
  • Christina Bentlage
  • Enjie Hall
Last Updated: 6/5/17