Toledo Academic Advising Association


On an annual basis, review the Audit Report prepared by the Treasurer. Notify the Executive Committee of any discrepancies or irregularities.

On an annual basis, review the By-laws for necessary updates. As needed, review and present proposed amendments to the Association members for consideration and vote.

In conjunction with the Secretary, provide information to TACADA members on a timely basis via newsletter, email, website, or publication.  As needed, promote TACADA and TACADA events to the UT campus community. Work in tandem with other TACADA Committees to support their initiatives.

On an annual basis, work with the Chair and Secretary to facilitate an efficient nomination and election process for new officers.

Maintain an electronic up-to-date resource for professional academic advisors.

Professional Development
Work with the Executive Committee to choose appropriate speakers for the regular TACADA informational sessions. Coordinate the planning for the bi-annual advising conference to be held on the UT campus.

Committee Membership
Membership in standing or ad hoc committees shall be open to all members of TACADA.  Members may join a standing committee by voicing their interest to the chair of the committee, or to any members of the Executive Board.

A standing committee member may remain as long as they are a member in good standing in TACADA, or until they resign from the committee.

It is expected that committee members will attend all meetings of the committee and be active and engaged committee members.  Each standing committee will be responsible for fulfilling the purposes of the committee.  It is suggested that committees meet at least once a semester.

The chairpersons of the standing committees shall be elected from among the membership of the committee.
Last Updated: 9/23/19