Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for orientation?

2. Can I register for orientation over the phone?

No, orientation registration must be submitted online. If you have trouble or need access to a computer, please call us at 419.530.1267 or toll free 877.752.0005.

3. Do I have to attend orientation?

Yes, orientation is mandatory for all new undergraduate students.

4. What do I have to bring to orientation?

5. Where do I park?

6. What should I wear?

Dress is casual. We will be indoors and outdoors, so check the forecast before you leave and be prepared! Some of the rooms are cooler than others, so dress appropriately.

7. Do my parents have to come?

You are not required to bring any guests with you; however, we encourage parents or guests to attend orientation with their new students. Students may bring up to two guests, with each additional guest charged $25 the day of the program.

8. Can I bring a friend or significant other to orientation? 

Any guest is welcome. Students may bring up to two guests, with each additional guest charged $25 the day of the program.

9. Can my guest(s) come with me to my advising session?

No, you will meet with professional staff in your academic college to ensure that you make an appropriate schedule.

10. I cannot attend any of the session dates. Are there other options?

No. You must attend a listed session date.

11. What do I do if I have to work?

Please make arrangements with your employer. We can provide documentation that you attended or plan to attend orientation.

12. Am I required to stay on campus for the entire program?

Yes. All components of the program are mandatory. If you leave at any time during the program, you will not be able to register for classes.

13. When will I be finished?

Plan to spend the entire day on campus, until 5 p.m.

14. What if I want to change my major?

15. What if I want to change my session date?

Students can make changes to their reservation any time up until 72 hours before their scheduled orientation date. They can log back in to the online reservation system and select a different session in the "Dates" section. Once a different date is selected, their previous "spot" becomes available to other students.

16. What do I do about dual credit or AP classes?

Results from some AP exams won't be available until after orientation; however, please bring a list of classes you have taken with you to your orientation session. Contact your adviser after orientation upon receipt of your scores if any changes are necessary.


Last Updated: 3/30/17