Parking Services

Cost/Proration Schedule

Parking permit costs vary depending on your status at the University. Below are the different variations of permits we have available.

All student permits are charged directly to the student’s E- statement.

All parking permits are completely automated; therefore, your license plate becomes your permit.  There are no hang tags or stickers to place in or on your vehicle.

Employee and affiliate permits can be purchased with a MasterCard, Visa, American Express.  Additionally, we offer all employees the ability to secure your permit through our payroll deduction system (some exclusions apply).

For more questions, please contact us at 419-530-5844 or email us at

Please remember, all vehicles on the University of Toledo's Campus are required to comply with the Parking Rules and Regulation.

Type of Permit Valid Date Range Cost Proration
Registered Student Permits Semester Based   $125   None

Student Employee Not Registered

(Main Campus and Health Science Campus)    

Semester Based
Available after add/drop ends   
$50 None
Semester Employees Semester Based $50 None
Annual Employees Annual (Sept. - Aug.) $150

Jan. 31 - Price is reduce to $100
June1st - Price is reduced to $50

Annual Employees Annual (Sept. - Aug.) $58 None
Annual Employees Annual (Sept. - Aug.) $56 None
Annual Affiliates Annual (Sept. - Aug.) $150

Jan. 31 - Price is reduce to $100
June 1st - Price is reduced to $50

Semester Affiliates Semester Based $50 None
Guest Daily $3 None
Last Updated: 2/14/18