Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Meet Our Graduates

Prince Ampem (2012)
Mechanism Underlying the Inhibitory Effect of Nitrative Stress on the Sulfation of Dopamine by Human SK-N-MC Neuroblastoma Cell Line.
PhD student, Biomedical, UTMC, Toledo, OH

Sai Nandini Sreemantula (2012)
Glutamate Transporter (GLT-1) in the Brain: Potential Target for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence.

Amanda Klein (2011)
Development of a Pharmacological Screen for M5 Muscarinic Antagonists.
PhD student, Kent State

Adnan Alazizi (2011)
Molecular Cloning, Expression, Purification, and Characterization of the Zebrafish Catechol-O-Methyltransferases.
Research Assistant, Biomedical, UTMC, Toledo, OH

Ali Al-Dieri (2011)
Studies on the Long Term Effects of Marginal Vitamin e Deficiency on Dichloroacetate- and Trichloroacetate- Induced Phagocytic Activation in Mice.
PhD student, Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, UT CPPS, Toledo, OH

Christopher Mettling (2011)
Dichloracetate and Trichloroacetate-Induced Cellular Death and Oxidative Stress in AML-12 Hepatocytes.
PharmD student, University of Findlay, Findlay, OH

Jane Zheng Xu (2010)
Developmental Toxicity of Dextromethorphan and Acetaminophen in Zebrafish Embryos/Larvae:  Relevance of SULT-mediated Dextromethorphan/Acetaminophen Sulfation.
PharmD program, Wayne State University

Shufan Ge  (2010)
Impact of muscarinic receptor activation on neural stem cell differentiation.
PhD student, Texas

Cameron McElroy (2010)
The Role of SULT2 ST2 in Zebrafish Development.
PhD student, Colorado

Pallavi Bhuyan (2010)
The Role of the Cytoscolic Sulfotransferase SULT2 ST2 in Zebrafish Development.
PhD student, Colorado

Zhenxian Zhang (2009)
Cilia are involved in shear stress induced changes in cellular biomechanics.
Richmond, VA

Andrew Wyen (2008)
Effects of the Activivated Macrophage on Multiple Myeloma Growth.
NAMSA, Toledo, OH

Eric Koegle (2008)
Determining the intracellular localization and efficacy of novel anticancer agents in human breast cancer cell lines through the use of fluorescent microscopy.
Research Associate, Cleveland Clinic

Xiaoqun Zeng (2008)
In vitro Studies on the Toxicity of the Haloacetates Formed during the Water chlorination Process and their possible Interaction with Ethanol.
LexeMed, Toledo, OH

Amy Beickelman (2007)
The synthesis and biological characterization of a potential hypoxic cell sensitizer.
Research Associate, Institute of Behavior Medicine Research, OSU, Columbus Ohio

Jonathan Chupka (2007)
An investigation of the role of PXR in Lipid Regulation in Humans.

Brian Dougan (2006)
Induction of Oxidative Stress by Di- and Trichoroactives and Mixtures of the Compunds in Mice.

Rachana Patel (2006)
Role of Trityl Imidazoles and Other Compounds in Binding and Activating hPXAR.
Researcher, Sun Pharmaceuticals, NJ

Alex Kiraly (2006)
Investigating the efficacy of an aza-anthrapyrazole (BBR3378) in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis.
PhD student, NC State

Toni Lee Aloia (2005)
Zebrafish embryos as a model to study developmental toxicity related to thimerosal exposure.
Senior Lab Technician, Medco, Columbus, OH

Ma, Zijuan (2005)
Apoptotic Effects of Beta-amyloid in Neuronal Cells: Reversal by Selective Muscarinic Agonists.
Cell Culture Research Technician, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Ashburn, VA

Sean Renock (2005)
Development of a transgenic fish line for the study of the muscarinic acetyicholine receptor hM1 in the development of danio rerio.
Research Associate, Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH

Kari King (Masters) (2004)
Effects of TCDD on the Levels of Biogenic Amines in Rat Brains After Subchronic Exposure.
Cardiology Research Technologist, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Heather Eng (2004)
Evaluating the use of cryopreserved hepatocytes for the prediction of in vivo hepatic clearance.
ADME Researcher, Pfizer, Croton, CT

Min Xu (2004)
Pharmacological evaluation of selective muscarinic acetylcholine receptor agonists and antagonists.
OSU, Columbus, OH

Soumyadeep Dey (2003)
The role of peritoneal macrophages in the induction of oxidative stress by trichloroacetate and dichloroacetate in mice.
PhD student in Medical Science at Vanderbilt

Tongtong Wang (2002)
Pharmacological treatment for attention deficit disorder among children aged 18 years and younger in the United States, 1996-1999.
Received PhD in Epidemiology from McGill University

Yue He (2002)
Characterization of CYP450 isoenzymes involved in the in vitro metabolism of ethosuximide by human liver supersomes and in vivo - in vitro correlation of pharmacokinetic parameters.
PhD student at OSU, Columbus, OH

Sunetra Ray (2001)
In vitro studies on the role of macrophages in the toxicity of a water purification by-product.
Ph.D. student, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Bethany Holden (2000)
The roles of the antioxidant defense mechanisms in the long-term toxicity of TCDD.
Scientific Writer, Pfizer, Ann Arbor, MI

Sandeep Athalye (1999)
Development of computer-based clinical decision support systems for the pharmacotherapy of hypertension.
Clinical Data Manager, Schering Plough, NJ

Hong Huang (1999)
An in vitro study of 25 hydroxylation of vitamin D3 by human cytochrome P-450.
PhD student, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Feng Li (1999)
The induction of oxidative stress in the brains of rats after subchronic treatment with TCDD and its congeners.
Data Manager, Medex Clinical Laboratory, PA

Susan Nagy (1998)
The effects of carbamazepine and amygdala kindling on Morris water maze performance.
Research Associate, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH

Dongfang Liu (1997)
An investigation of the relationship between estrogen metabolites, CYP3A activity and blood cholesterol levels in ovariectomized rats.
PhD student, MIT, MA

Karen Boszor (1995)
A spectrophotomtric evaluation of the interaction between specific imidazoles and cytochrome P-450.
Research Associate, Eli Lilly, IN

Julie Hancock (Posey) (1994)
Induction of cytochromes P-450 3A by novel N-substituted imidazoles. The correlation between CYP3A induction and Apolipoprotein A1 and HDL elevation.
Research Associate, Marion Ross Laboratories 1994-1998, Currently Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Capitol University, Columbus, OH

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