University Policy


3364-70-01 Financial conflict of interest policy for sponsored programs
3364-70-02 Responsible conduct of scholarship and research
3364-70-03 Research council
3364-70-04 Patent policy
3364-70-05 Protection of human subjects in research
3364-70-06 Use of biohazardous materials, recombinant DNA and select agents and toxin in research
3364-70-07 University of Toledo personnel working at national laboratories-compliance with institutional agreements
3364-70-08 Policy for research using cadaveric tissue
3364-70-09 Compensation for Treatment of injuries to subjects
3364-70-10 Laboratory animal welfare, care and use
3364-70-12 Material transfer policy
3364-70-13 Disposition of start-up equity
3364-70-14 Copyright policy
3364-70-15 Commercialization policy
3364-70-16 Research related centers and institutes
3364-70-17 Use of restricted chemicals in research-DEA Guideline
3364-70-18 Faculty/staff compensation from sponsored programs
3364-70-20 Small business innovation research (SBIR) and small business technology transfer (STTR) programs
3364-70-21 Integrity in research and scholarship
3364-70-22 Principal investigator/project director responsibilities on sponsored projects
3364-70-23 Facilities and administration policy

3364-70-26  Photography and videography in UT department of lab animal resources animal use areas
3364-70-27 The Use of Controlled Substances in Animal Research
3364-70-28 Internal Auditing of Clinical Research Policy
3364-70-29 Dual Use of Research of Concern (DURC)

Last Updated: 5/20/19