University Policy

Department of Service Excellence

3364-103-CCC-01 Eating and Drinking in Operator Work Area
3364-103-CCC-02 Communication: Risk Management and Patient Information Advocate
3364-103-CCC-03 Reporting of Absences
3364-103-CS-01 Time Management
3364-103-CS-02 Code Yellow
3364-103-CS-03 Reporting of Absences
3364-103-PC-01 Code Yellow Response Plan
3364-103-PC-02 Medical Record Documentation
3364-103-PC-03 Orientation & Continuing Education for Department Staff
3364-103-PC-04 Orientation & Continuing Education for Department Volunteers
3364-103-PC-05 On-Call Chaplain Responsibilities
3364-103-PC-06 Local Clergy Contact with Patients
3364-103-PC-07 New Admission Contacts
3364-103-PC-08 Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
3364-103-PC-09 Volunteer Priests
3364-103-PC-10 Patient and Family Support and Pastoral Care Visitor
3364-103-PC-11 Dress Code Guidelines
3364-103-PC-12 Pastoral Care Equipment Cleaning
3364-103-PC-13 Election Day Voting
3364-103-VS-02 Satellites of UTMC Support
3364-103-VS-03 Recruitment
3364-103-VS-04 Program Enrollment
3364-103-VS-05 Safety & Health Training
3364-103-VS-06 Infection Control
3364-103-VS-07 Tuberculosis Testing
3364-103-VS-08 Drug and Alcohol Abuse
3364-103-VS-09 Confidentiality
3364-103-VS-10 Identification and Dress Code
3364-103-VS-11 Assignment Description Request
3364-103-VS-12 Coaching/Counseling/Termination
3364-103-VS-13 Expected Behaviors
3364-103-VS-14 Benefits
3364-103-VS-15 Reassignment or Termination of Service
3364-103-VS-16 Wheelchair Transport
3364-103-VS-17 Distribution Process
3364-103-VS-18 Surgery Waiting Room Services
3364-103-VS-19 Volunteer Office Record Retention and Disposition





Last Updated: 6/9/16