University Policy


3364-124-02 Counts: Sponge, Needle, Instrument
3364-124-04 Care of Specimens
3364-124-06 Observers in the Operating Room
3364-124-07 Safety
3364-124-08 Handling Cidex and other Disinfectants
3364-124-09 Block Scheduling
3364-124-11 Operating Room Sanitation
3364-124-12 Operating Room Infection Control
3364-124-13 Implant Inventory
3364-124-14 Sterilization Monitoring
3364-124-16 Care of Patient Receiving Local or No Anesthesia
3364-124-17 On Call Duty
3364-124-18 Assignment of Nursing Care
3364-124-21 Storage of Sterile Supplies
3364-124-24 Line Isolation Monitor Alarms (LIM)
3364-124-25 Safe Medical Device Act
3364-124-26 Administration and Storage of Blood Products in the OR
3364-124-27 Fire Response
3364-124-28 Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) Safety
3364-124-29 OR Response to Blood Refrigerator Alarm Activation
3364-124-32 Sterilization in the OR
3364-124-37 Surgical Scheduling Process
3364-124-39 Preoperative Evaluation Center(PEC) Scheduling
3364-124-44 Administration of Medications onto a Sterile Field
3364-124-47 Pre-Empting of Electively Schedule Cases and Trauma Alerts
3364-124-51 Chain of Custody
3364-124-52 Blood and Tissue Typing for Transplant
3364-124-56 Operating Room Laser Team
3364-124-64 Flash Sterilization
3364-124-66 Tissue Management
3364-124-67 Organ Transplantation
3364-124-68 Elective Outpatient Surgery Cancellations Due to Lack of Transportation Home
3364-124-70 Surgical Assisting in the Operating Room
3364-124-71 Maintaining the Sterility of an Unused Operating Room with Open Sterile Supplies Present
3364-124-72 Cardiothoracic Surgery Services for Patients Aged 18-22
3364-124-74 Intra Operative Hand Off Communication
3364-124-76 Tracking and Monitoring of Donor Organ Location During Transplant Surgery



Last Updated: 10/2/17