University Policy


3364-122-02 Appropriate Off-Unit Areas for Patients of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital
3364-122-04 Discharge Procedure
3364-122-07 Visitation Policy
3364-122-08 Leave of Absence Medicine Protocol
3364-122-09 Vital Signs
3364-122-10 Off-Grounds Recreation
3364-122-11 Drug/Alcohol Screening
3364-122-12 Suicide Assessment and Prevention
3364-122-13 Runaway Precautions
3364-122-15 Transporting Patients and Staff To and From the Main Hospital and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital
3364-122-17 Treatment of Minor-non-urgent Illnesses and Injuries in Kobacker Center Inpatient Unit
3364-122-18 Inpatient Visits to the Emergency Department for Treatment
3364-122-19 Volunteers in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital
3364-122-22 Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP)
3364-122-28 Close Observation
3364-122-29 Body Search
3364-122-30 Firesetting
3364-122-31 Direct Admissions
3364-122-32 Use of Major Aversive Behavior Therapy
3364-122-33 Bathroom Call System
3364-122-34 Immediate and Formal Debriefing Procedure for Patients and Staff
3364-122-35 Obtaining Stat Medications From Pharmacy
3364-122-37 Use of Time Out on Kobacker Inpatient Unit
3364-122-38 Procedure for Procuring Campus Police Assistance
3364-122-39 Patient Identification - Use of Two Identifiers
3364-122-40 Patient Personal Care
3364-122-41 Admission Process
3364-122-42 Duty to Protect
3364-122-43 Admission Criteria for Kobacker Inpatient
3364-122-44 Guidelines for Use of Panic Button on Kobacker Inpatient Unit
3364-122-47 Body Piercing, Subdermal/Transdermal/Microdermal Implants and Skin Divers




Last Updated: 2/24/17