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UT's Areas of Research Excellence

In Fall 2006, the Executive Strategic Planning Committee was charged with developing a strategic plan.  The details of that process are explained here.  The resulting plan, approved by the UT Board of Trustees on March 19, 2007, is available online

Environmental Impacts on Health

Focusing on the interaction between human activity and the environment, especially the impacts on life and wellness, through an assessment of geographical information, the source and disposition of pollutants, human physiology, economic sustainability, technologies and related factors.
Energy Sustainability and Conservation
Focusing on the development of renewable energy sources, such as solar cells and biofuels, as well as the creation of advanced materials and infrastructure, including enhanced intermodal transportation and urban planning.
Translational Interfaces of Health Sciences, Engineering and Clinical Care
Focusing on cell signaling and other basic processes as applied to disease prevention and treatment.  We will align this research with the clinical focus areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, transplantation, immunology, degenerative neurological conditions, musculoskeletal diseases and trauma.
Public Engagement, Regional Economic Revitalization and Global Competitiveness
Focusing on applied research critical to a highly engaged metropolitan university. 
Science and Technology Education
Focusing on transformational PK-12 educational programs emphasizing scientific literacy and career preparation, based on benchmarked outcomes research.
Health Care Delivery Systems
Focusing on the revitalization, technology advances and management leadership of health care delivery systems.
Search for Origins
Focusing on the origin and development of life and the universe, and the related scientific, cosmological, philosophical, anthropological, cultural and religious theories.
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