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University Research Council

In accordance with the relevant section of the The University of Toledo Policy Manual, the University Research Council is comprised of a combination of appointments by the President, Faculty Senate, and Graduate Council Executive Committee, as well as through ex officio membership. The length of service varies with the appointment basis. 

The council meets the fourth Friday of the month from 1:00 - 2:30 PM (except for alternate dates for November and December due to the holidays) at the 1st Floor Conference Room in the Research and Technology Complex 1 (R1) building on the main campus.

The meeting schedule for 2017-2018 is here.

University Research Council Membership 2017-2018
Name Discipline Appointment Term
Debra Boardley, PhD Debra Boardley Health Science Faculty Senate Yr 2 of 3 year term
Beau Case, PhD Beau Case Libraries Faculty Senate Yr 1 of 3 year term
Vijay Devabhaktuni, PhD Vijay Devabhaktuni Engineering Faculty Senate Yr 1 of 3 year term
Michael Dowd, PhD Michael Dowd Social Sciences  Faculty Senate Yr 3 of 3 year term
Llew Gibbons, JD  Llew Gibbons  Law  Faculty Senate Yr 2 of 3 year term
Ruth Hottell, PhD  Ruth Hottell  Humanities  Faculty Senate Yr 3 of 3 year term
Tsui Sui Kao, PhD Tsui Sui Kao Nursing  Faculty Senate Yr 1 of 3 year term
Svetlana Beltyukova, PhD Svetlana Beltyukova Education Graduate Council Yr 1 of 3 year term
Zeljko Cuckovic, PhD Zeljko Cuckovic
 Mathematics  Graduate Council Yr 3 of 3 year term
Michael Mallin Michael Mallin  Business  Graduate Council Yr 3 of 3 year term 
Marthe Howard, PhD Marthe Howard Medicine Graduate Council Yr 1 of 3 year term
Song-Tao Liu, PhD Song-Tao Liu Natural Sciences Graduate Council Yr 1 of 3 year term
Patricia Relue Patricia Relue  Engineering Graduate Council  Yr 2 of 3 year term
Marcia IcInerney, PhD Marcia McInerney Pharmacy Presidential 1-year term
Michael Prior, PhD Michael Prior Human Service Presidential 1-year term
Linda Speer, MD, PAAFP Linda Speer Medicine Presidential  1-year term
Guillermo Vasquez, PhD Guillermo Vazquez Medicine Presidential 1-year term
Tammy Kinsey, MFA Tammy Kinsey Arts Presidential 1-year term
Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Dean Amanda C.
 XO College of
Graduate Studies
Frank Calzonetti, PhD Frank Calzonetti Vice President of Research XO Research & Sponsored
Rick Francis, PhD Rick Francis Director,
Research Advancement & Information Systems
XO Research & Sponsored 
Wayne Hoss, PhD Wayne Hoss Research Integrity Officer XO Research & Sponsored Programs
Marcie Ferguson, BBA Marcie Ferguson Special Projects Manager Secretary Research & Sponsored Programs

Source of Appointments
Source of Appointment Number of Appointments Length of Term
Graduate Council 6 appointments 3 year term
Faculty Senate 7 appointments 3 year term
Presidential 5 appointments 1 year term
Disciplines Represented
Discipline Number of Representatives
Arts 1 Representative
Business 1 Representative
Education 1 Representative
Engineering 2 Representatives
Health Science 1 Representative
Human Service 1 Representative
Humanities 1 Representative
Law 1 Representative
Libraries 1 Representative
Medicine 3 Representatives
Natural Sciences 2 Representative
Nursing 1 Representative
Pharmacy 1 Representative
Social Services 1 Representative
Last Updated: 12/15/17