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Guidelines & Forms for External Research Proposal Submission

This page will provide investigators and administrators with the tools they need to prepare external grant proposals.

  1. Faculty and other principal investigators have primary responsibility for the preparation of budgets for their proposals. However, the Office of Research will provide advice and consultation as needed by the investigator to prepare a correct budget for the specific agency or sponsor, and the Office of Research staff is available to provide one-on-one assistance on an as-needed basis.


  2. The Office of Research needs advanced notification that proposals are under development for submission. This notification should be as far in advance as possible, but at least five working days prior to the submission deadline. The notification should include the name of the program and agency/sponsor (including the RFP, BAA, or solicitation number), the deadline date for receipt or submission of the proposal, and any other requirements (such as cost-sharing, compliance, subcontracts, etc.). Proposals involving subcontracts will require more time than this five-day minimum.


  3. Even if the narrative portion is under development, the budget should be provided to the Office of Research as early as possible for review and approval. Having this in advance of the deadline enables our staff to review the budget in light of the agency requirements.


  4. The endorsement sheet and agency forms, which require the signature of the authorized university official, will be signed by the Vice Provost for Research after the full proposal has been reviewed by the Office of Research staff. The completed proposal application package must be delivered to the Office of Research at least the day before mailing or submission. The proposal will then be returned to the principal investigator for final copying and mailing.

  5. All electronic submissions, such as through NSF FastLane, will be submitted by the Office of Research. Principal investigators are still responsible for submitting paper copies if required by the program.


  6. If the project budget includes funds to support graduate research assistants, the Graduate School will provide instructional fee waivers for all grant funded stipends (fully funded). Whenever grants are funded, investigators should notify their college graduate deans who will work out the details with the Graduate School. However, situations in which fee waivers are requested for participants of certain programs will be made on a case-by-case basis with college approval.
Additional issues such as equipment matching, cost-sharing, etc. may require additional lead time. Additional changes will be instituted in the future as the staffing in the Office of Research grows.


The Proposal Submission Process
Last Updated: 8/21/18