Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Recipients 2002-2003

Summer Research Awards and Fellowships

Barlowe, Jamie; Viewer, I Married Him: Cinematic Adaptations of 19th and Early 20th Century Novels by British and American Women Writers

Bennett, Rebecca; Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Teamwork and Interview Outcomes

Eesley, Dale; Improvisation and New Ventures

Escobar, Isabel; Investigation of fouling in modified polymeric membranes

Geers, Andrew; The Affective Expectation Model and Placebo Effects

Geiger, Timothy; Printing the LetterPress Book: Variations on a Text by Vallejo

Goddard, Yvonne; Developing the Literacy Skills of Adolescents with Disabilities Using Scientifically-Based Instructional Strategies: Responding to a Pressing National Priority

Gregory, Melissa; Domestic Terror in Victorian Culture: Narratives of Psychological Violence

Herndon, Ruth; Wallis Narragansett America: Retelling New England History

Kim, Dong-Shik; Enzymatic Polymerization of Novel VOC-Free Coating System Using Renewable Resources

Kumar, Revathy; Empowering Prospective Teachers to Meet the Needs of a Diverse Student Population

Li, Wei; Novel Channel Allocation Schemes in Wireless Mobile Networks with Multiple Calls

Linnenbrink, Elizabeth; Students' Interactions in Collaborative Groups: An Achievement Goal Theory Approach

Moorhead, Daryl; Response of Native Turtles in the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge to Habitat Variation and an Exotic Invader, Trachemys scripta elegans

Neher, Deborah; Stable Isotopes in Nematodes: A Novel Techinque for Discerning Trophic Level and Feeding Habits

Pryor, Benjamin; "Dreamlike" Critique: Law and Politics after Foucault and Nancy

Pugh, Kevin; Measuring Transformative Experience

Rizk, Mysoon; Dirty Work: The Art and Times of David Wojnarowicz

Shao, Qin; Analysis of Variance in Periodic Time Series

Stuart, Thomas; Automotive Servicing via Wireless Communication

deArce Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development Program

Akkus, Ozan; Acoustic Emission Based Surveillence System for Prediction of Stress Fractures

Huang, Xuefei; A Novel Synthesis of an Anticancer Glycolipid by Chemical Glycosylation in Water with Colloidal Dispersions

Kirchhoff, Jon; Evaluation of the Inhibition of Choline Uptake In Vitro and In Vivo

Mueser, Timothy; Crystallographic Studies of an Active Site Mutant of T4 RNase H in Complex with a Fork DNA Substrate

Pincivero, Danny; Effort Perception and Muscle Activity in Younger and Older Adults

Viola, Ronald; Probing the Enzymatic Basis of a Fatal Human Disease

Williams, Frederick; Neurodevelopment and Cognition in Zebrafish Exposed to Mercury as Thimerosal Preservative

Archaeological Research Fund
  • Stothers, David; C14 Dating Project

Proposal Preparation Mini-Grants to Federal Agencies

Messer, William; Muscarinic Agonists

Visiting Faculty Research Program
Reid, Neil; Industrial Foundations of Metropolitan Toledo
Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Awards
McInerney, Marcia; Quinn, Anthony; Vestal, Deborah; Von Grafenstein, Herman;  Role of IFN-y in the Development and Progression of Type I Diabetes
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