Research and Sponsored Programs

URAF Awards 2014

Summer Fellowships


Art and Humanities


Denise Bernardini

Recitals in Europe

Tammy Kinsey

Sacred Spaces: An Investigation of Pacific Islands' Nations of Meaning in the Contemporary World

Deborah Orloff

Elusive Memory

Daniel Thobias

Contemporary Translation and Adaptation of Three Plays by Renowned Swedish Playwright August Strindberg


Social Sciences


Mark Gleim

Barriers to RFID Adoption

Caroline Menezes

Articulatory Analysis of Apraxic Speech

Alexey Petkevich

Why Do Bondholders Care about Accruals

Blerina Reca

Institutional Investors' Trading in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Jason Rose

Social Class, Prospection and Health

Nancy Staub

Online Simulations for Principal Development


Physical Sciences

Jon Kirrchhof, Jon

Electrodeposited Ionic Liquid Films for Solid-Phase Microextraction


deArce-Koch Memorial Foundation

Tammy Moorish

Impact of LINE-1 Retrotransposons on Telomere Recombination

Randy Ruch

Enhanced Gemcitabine Killing of Lung Cancer Stem Cells by Connexins and Gap Junctions: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications

Cynthia Smas

Structure-Function Studies of RIFL: A Novel Lipid Metabolic Regulator

Viranga Tillekeratne

Preclinical Studies of a New Class of Anticancer Agents for Lung Cancer

Eda Yildirim-Ayan

A Novel Injectable Bone Filler Material with Osteoprogenitor Cells, Pro-osteogenic, and Pro-angiogenic Factors for Bone Healing and Regeneration


Interdisciplinary Research Initiation

Charlene Gilbert

A Human Auction in Knox County, Ohio


Biomedical Innovation


Joseph Margiotta

Stress Factor Action via synaptic Plasticity

Ron Viola and Bryan Yamamoto

Surface Modification of Proteins for the Treatament of CNS Diseases


Visiting Research Faculty


Ming-Cheh Liu

Biochemical and Enzymatic Characterization of the Human SULT6B1

Jiquan Chen

The Relation between Environmental Protection Consciousness and Plant Identification in Urban Parks

Zahoor Shah

Correlating Different Protein targets and Neurodegeneration in in vitro Neuronal Cell Culture Studies

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