Rocket Card (ID)

Card Holders Accounts

Rocket Card Account Information

The Rocket Card can be used with several types of debit accounts.  A debit account has an initial balance that declines with each purchase you make. Here are the types of debit accounts available:

Rocket Account

This account is the most versatile debit account available and can be used at all campus dining locations, the UT Bookstore, and many other locations on and around campus. Any remaining balance in your account will carry over from semester to semester and will stay open until you decide to close it. Rocket Accounts can be closed by filling out the appropriate form in the Campus Card Office. Deposits to your Rocket Account can be made online or at the Cashier's Office located in room 1790 of Rocket Hall.  Rocket Accounts that have been inactive for three years may be closed.

Dining Dollars

Each semester that a student purchases a University Meal Plan, they will receive one deposit in their Dining Dollars account. Amount of deposit varies depending on which meal plan is chosen. Dining Dollars can only be used to purchase food from on campus dining locations. Remaining Dining Dollars carry over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester, however, any remaining balance at the end of Spring Semester is forfeited (midnight, the last day of exam week). Dining Dollars can not be refunded or transferred into any other account.

Financial Aid

Some types of financial aid can be transferred on the Rocket Card. Depending on the type of financial aid you receive, these accounts can be  used  to purchase books, supplies, and/or food. Financial Aid Deposits and Refunds can be made at the Bursar's Office located in room 1800 of Rocket Hall. Due to the complexity of these accounts contact the Treasurer's Office (419) 530-8700, with questions.


Last Updated: 6/9/16