Army ROTC Rocket Battalion




MSL 1010 – Foundations of Officership- 3 Credit Hours
Introduces students to issues and competencies that are central to a commissioned officer’s responsibilities. Establishes a framework for understanding leadership, officership, Army values, physical fitness and time management. Leadership Lab required.

MSL 1020 – Basic Leadership- 3 Credit Hours
Builds upon the basic leadership fundamentals introduced in MSL 1010 and includes lessons in goal setting, problem solving, critical thinking, values clarification, leadership and followership, and introduces techniques for improving listening and speaking skills. Leadership Lab required.

MSL 2010 – Individual Leadership Studies- 3 Credit Hours
Identifies successful leadership characteristics through observation of others and self, using experiential learning exercises designed to teach students how to communicate, how to build teams and how to plan and organize effectively. Leadership Lab required.

MSL 2020 – Leadership and Teamwork- 3 Credit Hours
Students examine how to build successful teams, including methods for influencing action and achieving goals, effective communication techniques, values and ethics, problem solving and physical fitness. Leadership Lab required.


MSL 3010 – Leadership and Problem Solving- 3 Credit Hours
Students assess leadership abilities, plan and conduct individual and small unit training, and apply basic tactical principles and reasoning skills. Leadership Lab required

MSL 3020 – Leadership and Ethics- 3 Credit Hours
Examines the role that communications, values and ethics play in effective leadership. Topics include ethical decision making, consideration of others and Army Leadership Doctrine. Leadership Lab required.

MSL 3850 – Leadership Development Assessment Course- 3 Credit Hours
This is an intense five-week course conducted between the two final years of the Army ROTC experience. This concentrated training provides an opportunity to evaluate the student’s application of skills, and knowledge over a range of leadership situations and tasks. Prerequisite: Permission of department.

MSL 4010 – Leadership and Staff Management- 3 Credit Hours
Develops student proficiency in planning and executing complex operations, functioning as a member of a military staff and mentoring subordinates. Students explore the Army’s training management system, methods of effective staff collaboration and developmental counseling techniques. Leadership Lab required.

MSL 4800 – Military History of Gettysburg- 3 Credit Hours
An in-depth study of the tactics used in the Battle of Gettysburg as compared to modern warfare. Emphasis is placed on the thought processes of the Union and Confederate commanders. Army writing skills and military briefing techniques are also emphasized in student presentations. Includes a staff ride to the Gettysburg battlefield.

MSL 4020 – Officership- 3 Credit Hours
Course includes case study analysis of military law and ethics. It utilitzes practical exercises which focus on the establishment of ethical command climates. Students complete a semester-long Senior Leadership Project which requires them to research, organize, analyze, and present complex military data.


All Cadets participate in weekly Leadership Lab as part of their 3 credit hour class. Leadership Lab provides the opportunity for “hands-on” training and skill development. All leadership labs are led by upper-class Cadets as part of their leadership development experience. Leadership labs are usually held on Thursday between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Labs are occasionally conducted on Fridays or Saturdays based on travel and training requirements.


Physical fitness training sessions are conducted from 6:15 a.m. to 7:30 a.m and can be taken for a 1 credit hour university class.  Physical training is conducted in small groups under the supervision of a group leader and are mandatory three times per week for contracted Cadets. Physical training may be conducted in various locations on campus. Twice each semester the Battalion conducts an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) to monitor the performance of each student. The Cadets also conduct periodic Battalion runs, to enhance unit cohesion and spirit.

Last Updated: 10/12/17