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Undergraduate Programs

Africana Studies Program     Angela Siner, M.A., Instructor, 419.530.4660

At its core, the Sustainable Development focus of Africana Studies at The University of Toledo seeks to increase and enhance environmental leadership in and from low-income and minority communities. Our Africana Studies program is a forerunner in the field due to its early concentration on sustainable development. Students in Africana Studies at UT, through an innovative curriculum, learn the general knowledge of this field of study and also gain an in-depth background of the themes and issues that define sustainable development and environmental justice. 

Asian Studies Program              Gene Chang, Ph.D., Professor, 419.530.4677

The Asian Studies program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and systematic education in Asian affairs.  Emphasis is placed on language, culture, political science, economics, history, and geography, as well as business environment and other related areas.  In additional to taking Asian Studies courses, students participate in activities including seminars and study abroad programs in Asia.

Disability Studies Program   James Ferris, Ph.D., Professor, 419.530.7244

Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which is focused on the contributions, experiences, history, and culture of people with disabilities regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Disability Studies also turns a lens on the intersections of the experience of race, gender, class, and disability.  In this program, disability is understood as a sociocultural phenomenon and not as a medically defined condition.   The Disability Studies Program at the University of Toledo ensures that the academic inquiry into the experience of disability is no longer confined to medical definitions nor focused on one aspect of disability as an isolated social construction.

Global Studies Program        Jetsabe Caceres, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, 419.530.2265

Global Studies is a major that allows students to study a variety of international processes in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program of study.  The curriculum is planned so that it offers students a background in global affairs in the broadest sense as well as an opportunity to focus on one geographic area of the world and one international interest area.

Law and Social Thought Program           

The Program in Law and Social Thought is the only program of its kind in the state universities of Ohio. The program is based on the view that the study of law and justice is best pursued when located within a rich humanistic and social scientific tradition. LST's faculty promotes sustained reflection on the fundamental yet contestable values that shape the requirements of citizenship in contemporary democracy. LST can also develop an appreciation for the connections among various academic disciplines and their convergence on issues of law and its relation to morality, politics, language, history, and power.

Middle East Studies Program          Gaby Semaan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, 419.530.2546

Middle East Studies is a specialization within the Global Studies major.  Its offerings are designed to provide students an appropriate exposure to the history, religions, cultures, and socioeconomic systems of the Middle East, and in turn, that region's relations with the rest of the world, as well as to create balanced perceptions of the various factors and phenomena in the Middle East, in historical and contemporary contexts.

Urban Studies Program         Neil Reid, Ph.D., Professor, 419.530.3593  

The Urban Studies program is an interdepartmental major with emphasis on urban-oriented courses in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Its purpose is to provide a broadly based educational foundation for understanding the impact and scope of urbanization so that students will be suitably educated to pursue graduate or professional academic programs or to assume positions in urban-related employment.

Department of Womens and Gender Studies   Sharon Barnes, Ph.D., Associate Professor, 419.530.2233

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on the contributions, experiences, history, and issues of women, both nationally and internationally. The discipline also examines the significance and consequences of gender as a cultural category that shapes the experiences and knowledge of individuals and communities. Women's and Gender Studies is grounded in feminist and gender theories that re-conceptualize and re-contextualize ideas, experiences, knowledge, and knowledge production.


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