Sexual Assault Education & Prevention Program

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Where can I go for help?

Please contact us should you need any assistance related to sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, or any other issue related to sexual violence.  

Sexual assault is sexual activity without consent. It is a violation of Ohio law and the UT code of conduct. If you have been sexually assaulted, you have options and you have rights. An advocate can provide confidential, pressure-free support and information about your medical and legal options.

Call the UT Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Program at 419-530-3431 or the 24-hour HOPE Center rape crisis hotline at 866-557-7273.

Call UT Police at 530-2600 to report a sexual assault.


Sexual Assault Education & Prevention Program contact info:

Office: Rocket Hall Room 1810
Phone: 419.530.3431
Fax:  419.530.7263
Last Updated: 11/21/16