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Here are pictures from various events from around campus. Enjoy!

Alcohol and Safer Sex Fair at the Crossings Residence Hall, Feb. 8, 2011

   Alcohol and Safer Sex Fair at the Crossings        Alcohol and Safer Sex Fair at the Crossings

   Alcohol and Safer Sex Fair at the Crossings       Alcohol and Safer Sex Fair at the Crossings

Parks Tower Mocktails, Feb. 7, 2011

   Parks Tower Mocktails       Parks Tower Mocktails

   Parks Tower Mocktails       Parks Tower Mocktails

Erica Upshaw Visiting the University of Toledo, Jan. 24, 2011

    Erica Upshaw at the UT        Erica Upshaw at UT

    Erica Upshaw at UT        Erica Upshaw at UT

Face Your Future 2010: Great American Smoke Out Week

    Students wait in line to have their picute taken and aged with Tobacco Use        Students waiting for their picutures to be altered with Tobacco use

    Software that alters a person's appearance based on tobacco use          Students waited in an hour long line to participate!

    Student gets his picture taken to be altered by tobacco software        Student views their picture that was altered by tobacco use

    An altered image of a person

2010 National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

    Students try walking a straight line with the beer googles on!        UT Students sign a pledge to try to go 30 days without alcohol.

    Students try out the DUI simulator        Kappa Psi Pharmacy Fraternity educates students on prescription drug abuse

2009 BAC Research

    Game Day Alcohol Research Team and Blue Crew     

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