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Constitution Template

Sample Constitution

Help writing a constitution

Reference only

Annual Report

Mandatory report completed each spring that outlines what the organization has accomplished that year

May 1, 2019

Budget Request

Recognized Student organizations can request an operating budget for the following fiscal year

February 15, 2019

Office / Storage space request

Recognized Student organizations can request an office and/or storage space within the Student Union.

February 15, 2019

funding and fundraising


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Special Funding Request

Application for special funding from the Student Allocation Committee (SAC) to cover event programming or travel

Minimum 28 days before event/travel. Due by 4 pm on the Monday before the scheduled SAC meeting you wish to present your request

Budget Request

Registered student organizations can request an operating budget for the following fiscal year.

February 15, 2019

Donation Request Form

Prior to soliciting money or supplies to be donated from any source, we must get the approval of the UT Foundation

14 days prior to solicitation of support



Used for


Publicity Application

Request publicity and advertising space around campus (glass display cases, banners, kiosks, etc.)

Minimum 14 days prior to desired reservation

Directory Information Request

If you are looking to target a specific group of students by email, you supply the criteria and OSIL will request the list of email addresses. The OSIL will send out your email on your behalf.  **Please note, we will not send out physical mailers via USPS.

6-8 weeks prior to your desired send date

Event Planning


Used for


Food Waiver

Anytime you serve food on campus that is not purchased from Aramark, you must get an approved food waiver.  Ohio Department of Health - Food Safety

21 days prior to your event

WXUT DJ Service or Waiver

WXUT has first right of refusal on all DJ services on campus. Use this form to request WXUT Service or to request a waiver to use another DJ.

28 days prior to your event

Travel Authorization Form

Inform the University that your organization is traveling.  Remember that each travel must also complete a liability waiver.

14 days prior to departure

Liability Waiver

Many uses:

  1. Anytime you hold an event where there is risk of injury all participants must complete
  2. When traveling as an organization all travelers must complete

Completed prior to risk activity and completed forms turned into OSIL within 7 days

Incident Report Form

Used to document anything that is out of the ordinary or a violation of local/state/federal law or UT policy


Contract Request Form

University funded Student Organizations cannot enter into a legal agreement for goods/services.  All contracts must be between the university and the vendor.

10 weeks prior to event




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