Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

OSIL: Advertising Your Student Organization Events

Successfully advertising your event at UT can be a daunting task. Utilize these tips to help get the word out.

Large Publicity Requests in the Student Union
The following avenues for advertising your events can be coordinated through our office. 
Please complete the Student Organization Publicity Application on OrgSync:

  • Student Union Glass Display Cases
  • Student Union Glass-Covered Bulletin Boards
  • Banners in the Atrium of the SU
  • Outdoor Informational Kiosks
  • Student Organization Shadowboxes

Posting Flyers on Campus
All student organization flyers must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, Student Union 3504.

Bring ONE flyer to be stamped before you make copies OR bring all copies of the flyer to the office to be stamped. After the copies are stamped, 16 flyers may be dropped off to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and we will ensure they get posted on the bulletin boards in the Student Union.

Off-campus entities (businesses, non-profit agencies, other schools, etc.) must get their flyers approved and stamped by University Marketing & Communications (University Hall 2110 / 419.530.2002). 

After flyers are stamped, 16 may be dropped off to the Office of Student involvement and Leadership, and we will post them in the STudent Union.

You are not permitted to post the items yourself. OSIL reserves the right to take down any and all material we did not post.

Your approved flyer may be posted on bulletin boards in other buildings on campus as well. 
Click here for a list of those bulletin boards.

Residence Life Bulletin Boards Requirements
All flyers for residences hall must have the OSIL stamp before taking over. You will need 123 fliers and they must be broken up and labeled as follows:

14- Academic House
11- International House
22- Ottawa
17- McComas
 11- McKinnon, Scott, Tucker
24- Carter
24- Presidents

Targeted Emails to Specific Groups of Students
As a recognized student organization, you may request permission to send a targeted email to a specific group of students (defined by age, class, major, etc.).  To do so, please complete the Directory Information Request.  The staff will oversee obtaining the list and the sending of your announcement.

Rocket Blast 

The Rocket Blast is a student involvement publication. Please submit any information you want us to share by completing the "Rocket Blast Flyer Submission" form on OrgSync.

The Rocket Blast is sent out each Friday afternoon. Due to the time that it takes to formate the Rocket Blast, the deadline for submissions is Wednesday at 5pm. Items received past the deadline are not guarenteed to be included in the week's Rocket Blast.

All submissions must include an image for the event, but a flyer is preferred. Flyers must include the name of the event, time, location, hosting organization, and contact information. Jpeg or png images are preferred, but PDFs will also be accepted. Please no Word Documents; convert them to PDF before submission.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership reserves the right to deny a submission if the submitted image does ot have enough information. Contact or 419-530-4944 if you have any questions.

All advertisements must include the following:

  • Name of sponsoring student organization(s)
  • E-mail address or phone number of the sponsoring student organization
  • If a foreign language is used, English translation must be posted on same document
  • If the organization is funded by the University it must say “The event is funded by student general fees” or “the event is partially funded by…”
  • No vulgar, suggestive, or obscene references
  • No reference to alcohol or “BYOB” of any kind
Last Updated: 12/4/17