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Complete this form for a Petition of points.

At the end of each semester (fall, spring or summer*) an employee may petition for infraction point removal. A point removal petition must be submitted to the professional staff member in charge of the department and must be submitted by the individual department due date set by the Professional and/or Leadership staff. The point removal petition must be related to a specific infraction or for multiple infractions equaling three points. If there is a probation or suspension related to the infraction, these terms must be completely fulfilled before a petition can be submitted.

The petition must effectively answer the following questions:
1. Which infraction are you petitioning and how many points were issued for that infraction
2. In what ways has your workplace performance improved related to this infraction?
3. In what ways have you grown, learned or improved in your work?
4. How will this growth, learning or improvement help you in your future career?

The professional staff member may consult with the employee, appropriate leadership staff, other professional staff and/or witnesses in making an effective decision. The professional staff member will meet with the employee in person to discuss and communicate the results of the petition. If points are removed, it will be documented on the written petition and placed in the employees file. Infraction points will be adjusted immediately.

*If working during summer semester

Last Updated: 6/5/18