Sexual Assault Education & Prevention Program

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The mission of The University of Toledo's, Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Program is to create a campus community free of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual and intimate partner violence, in which students, faculty, and staff enjoy equitable, non-violent relationships.  SAEPP provides educational programming addressing the role that everyone can take in creating a violence-free UT.  SAEPP is dedicated to ensuring that students, faculty, and staff are provided proper resources to engage in services including crisis intervention, medical services, mental health counseling, legal services, and academic accommodations.

 Prevention Through Education and Awareness

  1. Presentations & workshops for classes, student groups, faculty and staff
  2. Yearly campaigns #UTtogether
  3. Collaboration on speakers and special events with various campus partners
  4. Internship and volunteer opportunities



Services for Survivors

All confidential advocacy services provided to students, faculty, and staff are now housed in The Center for Student Advocacy and Wellness, HHS3017 and is in partnership with our YWCA Hope Center Campus Advocates.

  • Confidential support and information for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.
  • Accompaniment through the medical and legal process following an act of violence.
  • Linkages to University and  community services
  • Help with the medical and criminal justice systems
  • Information for friends and family members of survivors
  • Assistance and referrals for stalking, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence


Last Updated: 3/20/18