Graphic with different appsDo you scratch your head when reading Shakespeare?

Are you a flashcard/notecard junkie?

Does taking a test make you sick to your stomach?

Are you looking for an easier way to study?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions check out the “There’s an App for that”
list below which includes some of the best educational apps available.

If you know of other beneficial education apps please email angela.paprocki@utoledo.edu and
we'll add it to the “There’s an App for that” list.



Never again lose points for not turning in an assignment on time. This app allows you to create separate sections for each class, a notebook design, and an easy-to-read schedule. When class schedules and assignments, are put into the app it will alert you to any upcoming due dates or tests.


Does your backpack cause backaches? Use this app to reduce your textbook load with this app that serves as a platform for interactive textbooks, Inkling allows you to purchase a book digitally or just the chapter you need. It integrates media into every title and creates interactive quizzes to gauge understanding of the text.


Having trouble connecting on campus? Use the GPS on your device, and this app will let you know what hotspots are nearby, filtering by type of connection and location type.


Do you get by with a little help from your friends? This app is for students who learn best when sharing information. Get instant updates from friends who can share notes with you; create online courses and test questions; sync your course notes, find a study partner, or collaborate on a study guide.


To be or not to be…this app is for English Literature students looking to brush up on the classics. Get easy facts, plot analysis, and summaries to help study for exams.


Do you have trouble hanging on to handouts? No worries, this app acts as a portable scanner. Take pictures of documents and select the area you want saved; JotNot enhances the image and saves it, it allows you to fax for $0.99 a page in case you forgot an important assignment.


Need some note-taking assistance? Use this app to personalize the learning process by highlighting, sketching, or adding footnotes to your reading. It’s great for annotating PDFs, adding your own sticky notes and/or freehand drawings.


Help…I’ve got a big project and I can’t get start! This is a great app for preparing for major projects or papers. Create outlines with different topic shapes or colors, attach notes to topics, or arrange topics based on common themes before sharing them with others.


Short on cash? How about an app that lets you rent your textbooks? With this app you can scan a book's bar code with the iPhone's camera, and it will compare prices from different stores and sites, or set up a rental of the textbook.


How do you spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious??? This app helps students who want the entire dictionary and thesaurus offline. All you have to do is say the word aloud when you tap the speaker icon - no more point deductions for spelling errors with this app!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock:

Do you sleep through your alarm and miss your early classes? If so, this app’s for you! If you are not a “morning” person get this app! It will wake you up during your lightest sleep phase which should help you wake up feeling more rested and relaxed for those early bird classes.

Mental Case-Flashcards:

Are you a notecard/flashcard junkie? This app enables you to create mental notes or virtual flashcards that include text, images, and, yes, audio.

Share Your Board:

Ever wish you could take the white board with you? Well, now you can! Use this app to take a picture of the classroom whiteboard, make it into a readable PDF, add your own notes and send to friends.

StudyTracker Pro:

Want a study status update? Use this app to help you manage study hours, exam and assignment grades, and judge how effective your study habits are.

Exam Support:

Do you suffer from test anxiety? This app helps you focus, improve concentration, and beat back the rising tides of test anxiety through its “guided audio meditation.”

Google Docs:

Don’t you just love group assignments? NOT! This app will help you stay organized when working together on group assignments; it’s one of the best online word processing and spreadsheets applications available.


Do you have to read something twice to get the point? Who has time for that? Use this to read and highlight information within text and images, create sticky notes and online conversations about websites, organize and share resources.


Does imagery help you learn? If so, then you this online mind mapping tool to represent words and ideas, organize your thoughts, and make plans.

Last Updated: 6/9/16