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Grade Policies at UT

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The following information can be found the in the General Section of the Undergraduate Course Catalog.  Click here to be taken to the Course Catalog.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student's cumulative grade point average is computed by dividing the total number of GPA hours into the total number of quality points earned including F grades for all repeated courses that have not been approved for deletion on the basis of petition by the student. To obtain a degree or certificate in an undergraduate program, the student must have the proper number of credit hours in the courses required for the degree and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Grade point average requirements may be higher in certain colleges and in certain majors; this information is available in the individual college listings. 

Quality Points:

Quality points are indicated as on the transcript and are awarded based on the grade earned in each course.  Quality points are numerical values assigned for letter grades earned in your classes. 

Quality points are assigned to each letter grade,  these quality points enable a student to determine a numeric average, referred to as a quality point average (if calculated on the basis of courses taken during the academic year); and a cumulative quality point average (if calculated on the basis of all courses taken at The University of Toledo in a student’s current academic program).

Attempted Hours (AHRS)

Once you register for a course, you are attempting the semester credit hours assigned to that course. Attempted hours are not used to calculate your GPA.

Earned Hours (EHRS)

Earned hours are the number of units earned thus far. Earned Hours are all hours for which credit was earned (excludes grades of F, U and NC).  If you earn a final course grade of A, B, C, D, or CR, you will receive earned semester credit hours for that course. Earned hours are not used to calculate your GPA.

GPA Hours (QHRS)

GPA hours are only those units attempted that affect the grade point average. Thus, units earned with PR are not included in GPA hours, but units representing a failed attempt ("F's") are included. If you earn a final course grade of A, B, C, D, or F, you will receive quality semester credit hours for that course. GPA hours are used to calculate your GPA.

Determining your GPA

Use one of many  GPA Calculators to determine your GPA.

Last Updated: 6/9/16