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Presentations Requests

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The Writing Center provides classroom or on-site visit presentations for faculty and their students.  

Writing Center presentations typically last 20-25 minutes, depending on the type of presentation. Presentation and/or classroom interactive workshop requests are encouraged and welcomed by the Writing Center staff. These presentations can range from informational sessions regarding services offered to instructional sessions regarding proper documentation or formulating an argument. The Writing Center wants to assist students and instructors alike in developing the writers, thinkers, and voices that comprise The University of Toledo.  

In order to acquaint students with our Center's services and staff, instructors are encouraged to schedule a visit to the Writing Center for their classes. This visit helps students to acclimate to the environment and atmosphere of a writing "studio" while introducing them to the tutors who will work with them. This visit will also provide the opportunity for students to see the many handouts and resources for writing that are available in the Writing Center.

To schedule a Classroom Presentation or Writing Center visit, please contact Savannah Garcia at 419.530.7753 or

Specialized workshops are individually designed in consultation between the Executive Director of Academic Support, the Professional Tutor, and the faculty member requesting specific assistance. Such workshops vary in time and are targeted around a class-specific writing task. Examples of recent workshops include a portfolio project in education, summary/response papers in health and human services, PRAXIS workshop for teacher certification, and thesis workshop in liberal studies.  
To schedule a specialized workshop, contact Savannah Garcia at 419.530.7753 or

Last Updated: 6/26/15