The Writing Center

Writing Center Services

The Writing Center provides support to writers within the University of Toledo community.

We assist with the following types of "writing" projects:


  • Assigned papers such as essays and research papers
  • Proposals for senior thesis, capstone projects, master's thesis, or dissertations
  • Group projects and proposals
  • Short stories, poetry, and other types of creative writing
  • Letters of application and job resumes, scholarships, and personal statements
  • Reviews and chapter drafts for dissertations or sustained writing projects
  • Submissions for conferences or publication

Writing Center tutors help by:

  • discussing an assignment with the writer in order to encourage understanding and clarification of the writing task
  • determining where writing can use improvement and how the writer can revise their work effectively   
  • generating ideas, notes, and outlines with the writer and helping the writer develop a plan for his/her project which is focused on a particular audience
  • engaging a conversation with writers about their ideas and desires for their project
  • asking questions that guide a writer to consider changes that will help them to communicate effectively    
  • offering explanation of the writing process and assisting students at all stages of that process

What can a writer do to make a visit to the Writing Center most productive? check in

  • Bring a copy of the assignment
  • Bring a draft of the paper/writing assignment
  • Share with the tutor your goals for your session: grammar, argumentation, citation, support, etc. 
  • Come early in the process of writing so we can provide help before a writer becomes lost, stuck, or overwhelmed; longer and more complex assignments take more time to read and review so the writer should come to the Center at least a week in advance

What happens when I come to the Writing Center?

  • When arriving for a tutoring session you will be asked to check-in at the front desk
  • You will have a seat in the Writing Center and your tutor will be with you shortly
Last Updated: 2/21/17