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General Studies

The general studies program is designed for students interested in obtaining a degree in order to further his or her career or as a stepping stone towards a bachelor's degree. 

Students are able to pick a concentration related to an area that meets their specific needs through a program designed specifcally for the student. Students create an individualized major by combining courses from a single department with various related courses from several different departments. 

Benefits of a degree in General Studies:

  • The program is personalized to the student's interest.
  • The degree can be folded into any bachelor's degree program.
  • Students have an online option.
  • Students can fulfill common core requirements while working towards a degree.

Areas of Concentration available are:
Criminal Justice
Health and Fitness
Introduction to Law and the Legal System

Additional Information

If you would like more information about this program, we encourage you to call student services at 419.530.3142 for program information and advising. 

Associate of Arts - General Studies Program Information and Requirements

Last Updated: 9/19/16