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Individualized Degree Program

The Individualized Degree Program is one based upon a student’s unique interests and goals, which would not be addressed by a traditional program of study. The degree awarded is either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science, depending upon the program. The designated major is Interdisciplinary Studies.professional

This major can serve as a strong degree completion option.

Students contemplating an individualized program of study will receive assistance from an academic adviser in preparing an individualized program. Important considerations in the formulation of a program are:

  • The program must be interdisciplinary or intercollegiate in nature (broad in scope, incorporating course work from more than one discipline).
  • The student’s objectives must be clearly stated and appropriate courses identified for achieving these objectives.
  • Students can gain valuable internship and field experience.
  • A senior capstone is required in the final semester of study and must be related to the student's area of concentration in individualized studies.

Our students will be guided in the design of an individualized program. Typically, multiple advising sessions are needed to accomplish this. The program is then reviewed by a committee consisting of faculty from other colleges within the University. If the program meets all University College program requirements, it is accepted and then must be followed. Prior written approval of the director is necessary to make any course substitutions.

Individualized Program INFORMATIoN

Individualized Program Overview (Guidelines) - An outline of how to pull together a program of study and guidelines on how to prepare your statement of purpose and objectives.

Senior Capstone Guidelines

Focus Area Courses Suggestion Sheets

These course lists are only suggested courses students can pull from when building their program of study.
Students are not limited to just theses class, they are provided as a helpful resources. 
Note that not all classes are offered online and students are responsible for prerequisites.
Conservation and Ecology
Health Issues
Helping Professions
Human Resources Development
Marketing and Communication
Sports Administration

Additional Information

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