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First Step Courses for Adult Students:

So, you are ready to return or start your college adventure. 

Here are some suggested first step courses for adult and non-traditional students.  These courses are geared toward non-traditional and adult learners. One or more of these courses would help ease you back into the college life.

AL 1000   Adult Orientation Course/Computer Workshop (Required Orientation course designed to meet the needs of adult students either who have never attended college or those returning to college. One Section is designed for students who need to strengthen their computer skills). 1 credit hour

AL 1110  Creative Problem Solving (This course assists students in developing problem solving skills through critical thinking, simulated situations and other activities. This course counts toward graduation.) 2 credit hours 

AL 1150   College Study-Adult Workshop (Developed for the new student to brush up on study strategies.) 3 credit hours

AL 1120   Career and Self Evaluation (This course is designed to guide the adult student toward an appropriate major. This course counts toward graduation. One Section is open to military/veteran students to explore civilian careers using military background.) 2 credit hours 

AL 1200   Applications of Thinking Critically (This course teaches students to think critically to be successful in college and in the workplace. This course counts toward graduation.) 3 credit hours 

Last Updated: 6/7/18