Undergraduate Admission

Lexi Alvarado

Lexi Alvarado

Where did you go to school and your major?

I am a proud alumna of The University of Toledo. I graduated from the College of Arts and Letters with my Political Science degree.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Centennial Mall has always been one of my favorite places on campus. There is always students around, it a great place to go for a walk and see the beautiful architecture UToledo has to offer.

What is your best advice for making a college decision?

Visit! There is nothing better than being able to get on a campus that you are looking at. Take the time to talk to current students, professors, and staff members like. Find out what the campus culture is like and really start to visualize yourself as a student on that campus. Ask questions! No question is a bad question! This is your journey and you want to make sure you are fully equipped with the tools you need to make this decision.

Best advice for incoming freshman?

Experience everything. You have an amazing opportunity at any university to be fully immersed in an environment that is completely what you make it. Be sure to experience everything and really take it all in. Make sure to take pictures and capture these memories! You will want to remember this!

Lexi Alvarado


Last Updated: 11/3/21