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Meet Our Presidential Scholars- recipients of UT's most prestigious award.  Top high school students who show leadership abilities are encouraged to apply for this top honor.



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Presidential Scholarship

Award: Full tuition and general fee (up to 18 credit hours), room and board, and a one-time, $3,000 stipend for a summer experience

Minimum Requirements: 
• 3.8 High School GPA
• 30 ACT/1340 "Old" SAT/1400 "New" SAT
• High School graduating class of 2017

Students must submit a separate online application which includes an extracurricular resume, personal essays, and list of references; in addition to a completed application for undergraduate admission submitted by November 15, 2016. Twelve students will be selected and must be available for an on campus interview. 

Presidential Scholarship Application

Renewal criteria includes maintaining a 2.75 cumulative GPA and earning 27 UT credit hours within two semesters of the academic year.   Recipients will receive specific terms and conditions.


Meet Presidential Scholarship Recipients!

Name: Rachel Beeson
Hometown: New Washington, OHRachel
Major: Bioengineering with Pre-Med Concentration

“This summer, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct research under Dr. Patricia Relue concerning renewable bioproducts. My first co-op has been a great learning experience and has helped shape me into a multifaceted student.”

“In contrast to my small hometown with little cultural variety, UT is rich in diversity. UT has developed me into an enlightened student with respect for all forms of diversity. I have broadened my horizons and view life through a new perspective.”

“The presidential scholarship has been a huge blessing. Many students have to work a part-time job, in addition to undertaking a full course load, just in order to afford a higher education. Receiving this honor has also allowed me to focus completely on my education and in doing so, excel in my coursework. I am beyond grateful to the University for the support I have received personally, academically, and financially.”

Name: Nicole CarrNicole
Hometown: Deshler, OH
Major: Biology

“Marching in the Rocket Marching Band has been my favorite experience at UT.”

“Throughout my first year at the University of Toledo, one faculty member has taken the time to make a significant impact on me, Dr. Robert Steven. As a student working in his research lab, Dr. Steven has instilled in me determination, dedication, and self-discipline. Also, he pushes me to achieve success and has taught me how to effectively react to setbacks.”

“The Presidential Scholarship has affected my college experience by giving me the peace of mind to know that I will graduate without the burden of a substantial student loan. Also, the support of the staff involved in the scholarship program has given me the security to know that they will always be there to help me, and that they have my best interest at heart.”

Name:  Dan Israel
Hometown:  Mount Vernon, OhioDan
Major:    Pharmacy

“There are a lot of really cool people at UT. I’ve met my best friends here and have made a lot of life-long friends.”

“Dr. Pinto is my research advisor and my mentor. She has really opened a lot of opportunities for me professionally and has helped me grow and realize what steps I need to take to go where I want to after graduation.”

“The Presidential Scholarship has provided me with a wealth of opportunities. It has really allowed me to get deeply involved within student life and organizations on campus, a month long summer project in Seattle, WA, and a summer of research at UT.  I couldn’t have done most of the significant things I’ve done without the support from the Presidential Scholarship.”

Last Updated: 10/20/17