Disability Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Disability Studies

Presenting an innovative new major – the first of its kind in the country! Review the sample plan of study.


Required courses (12 CREDIT HOURS)

DST 2020: Introduction to Disability in the U.S.  [3 credit hours]

DST 4940: Internship in Disability Studies  [3 credit hours]

DST 4990: Capstone in Disability Studies  [3 credit hours]

One of the following courses:

    • DST 3030: Issues in Disability Studies/Disability Culture  [3 credit hours] OR
    • DST 3060: U.S. Disability History   [3 credit hours] OR
    • DST 3090: Disability and American Literature [3 credit hours]

Elective courses (minimum of 21 credit hours)

DST 2410:  Introduction to Deaf Studies

DST 2980:  Special Topics in DST

DST 3030:  Disability Culture

DST 3060:  U.S. Disability History

DST 3090:  Disability in American Literature

DST 3250:  Disability & Life Writing

DST 3980:  Special Topics in DST

DST 4200:  Crip Art, Crip Culture

DST 4400:  Gender and Disability

DST 4500:  Asylums, Prisons, and Total Institutions

DST 4640:  Disability, Law and Human Rights

DST 4800:  Autism and Culture

DST 4890:  Research and Methodologies in Disability Studies

DST 4980:  Special Topics in DST

Last Updated: 12/16/19