Department of Geography and Planning

Minor in Geography

Core Curriculum
GEPL 2010 Fundamentals of Geography
GEPL 2030 Cultural Geography
GEPL 4530 Principles of Urban Planning
GEPL 4650 Physical Geography
GEPL 4710 Urban Environments
One Regional Course Selected From
GEPL 3030 Geography of Europe 
GEPL 3120 Geography of Asia
GEPL 3220 Geography of Africa
GEPL 3300 Geography of Latin America
GEPL 4060 Geography of Great Lakes
One Planning Course Selected From
GEPL 4210 Land Use Planning
GEPL 4530 Principles of Urban Planning
GEPL 4550 Community Economic Development
GEPL 4570 Land Development and Planning
GEPL 4600 Urban Design
GEPL 4700 Community Planning Workshop

Last Updated: 6/23/21