Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Spring 2021 Course Schedule (Tentative)

Master of Public Administration (MPA), Municipal Administration Certificate, Nonprofit Management Certificate, and Urban and Regional Planning Certificate Course Schedule

Dates and Times TBA

PSC 5320: Urban Policy & Administration (Dr. Broxmeyer)

Category: MPA elective, Municipal required, Urban and Regional Planning elective

What does it take to govern a city and its environs? In this course, we examine the balance between the pressing needs of a city and the many economic and political constraints that citizens, leaders, and experts must navigate to achieve their goals.

PSC 5430: Human Resources Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (*, Dr. Boden)

Category: MPA required, Municipal elective, Nonprofit elective

This course is a study of human resource management in public and nonprofit organizations. The course explores broad themes within public personnel administration such as recruitment, retention, motivation, and diversity to provide students with the opportunity to develop technical skills necessary for effectively managing human resources in contemporary public agencies, including government and nonprofit organizations.

PSC 5360: Ethics in Public Policy and Administration (*, Dr. Boden)

Category: MPA elective, Municipal elective

Examination of values and principles which guide public policy formation and public administration. Applications of philosophical concepts to policy problems and the responsibilities of public administrators will be emphasized.

PSC 5440: Budgeting and Financial Administration (*, Dr. Wang)

Category: MPA required, Municipal elective, Nonprofit elective

An examination of the institutions and techniques of financial administration, including government accounting, budgeting, financial management and governmental choice.

PSC 5560: Law and Public Administration (Prof. Preston)

Category: MPA required

Survey of law topics that are relevant for managers of public and nonprofit organizations.

ECON 5660: Public Finance Economics (Prof. Alamina)

Category: MPA elective

An analysis of the government sector in the economy, government expenditures, taxation and borrowing and their effects on employment, price levels and growth. Prerequisites: ECON 1200 with a minimum grade of D-

ECON 5820:  Econometrics Models And Methods II (Dr. Bland)

Category: MPA elective

An introduction to forecasting methods for economic time-series including Bayesian methods. Both theory and application of forecasting models and methods are covered. Prerequisites: ECON 5810 with a minimum grade of D-

GEPL 5110: Geographic Information Systems (Dr. Xu)

Category: MPA elective, Municipal elective, Urban and Regional Planning elective

Introduction to computerized methods for the capture, storage, management, analysis and display of spatially-referenced data for the solution of planning, management and research problems.

GEPL 5180 Geographic Information Systems Applications (Dr. Xu)

Category: MPA elective, Urban and Regional Planning elective

Advanced applications in geographic information systems (GIS) with an emphasis on advanced GIS analysis techniques, Global Positioning System applications in GIS, database design, and a survey of vector- and raster-based GIS software and databases. Research project required.

Prerequisites: GEPL 5110 with a minimum grade of D- or GEPL 4110 with a minimum grade of D-

GEPL 5210: Land Use Planning (Online, Dr. Shetty)

Category: MPA elective, Municipal elective, Urban and Regional Planning elective

A broad review of urban and regional planning in the US and Western Europe, introducing land use planning concepts and practices and their role in shaping the direction of urban development.

GEPL 5750: Transportation Geography (Online, Dr. Alam)

Category: MPA elective, Municipal elective, Urban and Regional Planning elective

The role of transportation and communication in the economic development of places. Theories of geographic interaction, location of transport routes and the developmental implications of transport investments are explored.

THR 5250: Administration and Management of the Arts (Online, Prof. Montpetit)

Category: MPA elective, Nonprofit elective

Administration and Management of the Arts will provide undergraduate and graduate students with an advanced look at the managerial, structural, and operational functions of visual and performing arts organizations, translating traditional business practices into the language of the arts.

* Denotes a blended course that mixes online instruction with on-campus classes.

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