Political Science and Public Administration

Master of Arts in Political Science

Degree Requirements

There are two paths to completion of an MA degree in Political Science.

1)  The successful completion of 24 hours of graduate course work and a six credit hour thesis. Among the 24 hours of courses, a minimum of nine hours must be at the 6000 level (courses open only to graduate students). Two courses related to the student's program of study may be taken outside of the department. The thesis, written under the direction of a member of the graduate faculty, culminates in a comprehensive oral examination.

The thesis, taken for six credit hours, synthesizes experiences from course work and requires scholarly creativity. Because it is such a vital component of the MA degree, a paper entitled "Writing the Thesis" is available from the department office. It addresses topic selection, the role of the thesis adviser, and the content and format of the thesis.

2)The successful of completion of 33 credit hours. Pending approval of an adviser, 12 credits may be taken in departments other than Political Science. This may include 6 internship credits.The candidate will submit a portfolio to their primary adviser. This will include at least two seminar papers but should include other work as well, relevant to the candidate's interests. The MA committee will create a field exam based on review of this work. The student will have one week to respond to questions on the exam. At least 20 pages of writing is required along with an oral examination related to the field of study. The candidate may do an independent readings course in preparation for the exam. All planning for this option should begin no later than the end of the second term of the candidate's enrollment in the program.

Because the Master's degree may include any of five fields of the discipline, there is one course that all students are required to complete, Scope & Methods of Political Science (PSC 6110). This seminar reviews what scholars working in each sub-field in Political Science study and students learn about the various methods used by Political Scientists in the different subfields. 6110 is the "hub" course to which all other coursework relates, so it should be taken in the first term. 

Students may transfer up to 9 semester hours of graduate courses from another accredited university, if they are appropriate to the program of study and have not been applied toward another degree. A student may also transfer up to 9 hours from another graduate degree, if it was earned within the University of Toledo. Here again, the courses must be appropriate to the program of study and must be approved by the M.A. advisory committee.

UTparticipates in a cooperative education program with Bowling Green State University, located 20 miles south of Toledo. This allows graduate students at one institution to enroll and receive credit for classes offered at the other. Credit and grades earned at BGSU count as though they were earned at UT, except that 51 percent or more of all course work must have been completed at the home institution.

Five Fields of Study

The department offers Master's-level work in five fields of the discipline. The following courses have been offered regularly during past years. Because courses such as Politics in Great Britain, Continental Europe, and Africa, as well as Constitutional Law are available only to undergraduates, graduate students may arrange independent studies courses in those subjects with the appropriate instructor. Seminars may be taken more than once, if the designated topic is different. The fields are American, comparative, international, theory and public administration. 


Last Updated: 6/23/21