Ph.D. Program in Spatially Integrated Social Science

Program Requirements

It is anticipated that this program will require up to four years to complete.  All course work will be completed in the first two years in residence.  Research and dissertation will take place during the third and fourth year.


  •  M.A. or equivalent in Social Science discipline
  •  Successful completion of graduate-level multivariate statistics course
  •  Successful completion of 2 courses in geographic information systems

Degree Requirements

72 Credits beyond the Bachelor’s Degree

36 Course Credits

36 Dissertation Credits

 Core Course Requirements

 SISS 7010:   Spatial Statistics

 SISS 7020:   Geographical Information Science in SISS

 SISS 8010:  Foundations of Spatially Integrated Social Science

 SISS 8020:  SISS Theory

 SISS 8030:  Advanced Spatial Data Analysis

 SISS 8040:  Research Design

Advanced Seminar Courses (Select 3)

SISS 7030:  Geo-Computation

SISS 8150:  Advanced Qualitative Analysis in SISS

SISS 8160:  Policy Evaluation and SISS

SISS 8170:  Space and Society:  Critical Theory in SISS

SISS 8180:  Discrete Choice Spatial Process Modeling

SISS 8190:  Advanced Modeling Methods and Techniques in SISS

SISS 8200:  Spatial Perspectives on the Environment

SISS 8210:  Spatial Transport Modeling and Planning

SISS 8920:  Directed Readings in SISS

SISS 8940:  Seminar in Special Topics

SISS 8960:  Doctoral Dissertation

 Elective Courses (Select 3)

Select from list of electives offered by the four participating departments:  Geography and Planning, Economics, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology and Anthropology

Last Updated: 2/15/22