SVPA Publicity Request

This form is intended for UT School of Visual and Performing Arts faculty only. Music students do not need to use this form to request programs. You can request programs when you reserve space for your student recital.

Use this form for all SVPA publicity and promotion related requests. This form will document and date your request and set your project in motion with Angela. You can fill it out yourself or meet with Angela and fill it out together.

Most fields will require you to complete them before you can move forward. Just check "not applicable" if something does not apply to your project. A copy of this project will be emailed to Angela and the email address you provide for yourself.


MUSIC FACULTY - If your event is in the CPA, fill out the Music Faculty Space Request form. It has sales support as an option and you can request what you need there. If your event is off campus or in Doermann Theatre, use the Sales Support request form.

THEATRE AND FILM FACULTY - Contact Christopher Montpetit directly at 419.530.4776 or email him Christopher.Montpetit@UToledo.Edu.

SVPA Publicity Request Form

Last Updated: 10/30/19