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SVPA Publicity Request

This form is intended for UT School of Visual and Performing Arts faculty only. Music students do not need to use this form to request programs. You can request programs when you reserve space for your student recital.

Use this form for all SVPA publicity and promotion related requests. This form will document and date your request and set your project in motion with Angela. You can fill it out yourself or meet with Angela and fill it out together.

Most fields will require you to complete them before you can move forward. Just check "not applicable" if something does not apply to your project. A copy of this project will be emailed to Angela and the email address you provide for yourself.


Please note that if your event is a ticketed event, there are 3 things you need to be aware of:

  1. ADVANCE TICKETS SALES - Contact the Box Office Manager, Christopher Montpetit. He will add your event to our online ticketing system, All pre-event sales will go through the Box Office and Tix. Do not assume he knows your event is ticketed - you must contact him directly!
  2. SALES AT THE DOOR (on-campus events) - We currently have two student employees who can sell tickets for your on-campus event at the door. HOWEVER, it's up to you, the event organizer to verify that these students have been scheduled to your event. 
  3. SALES AT THE DOOR (off-campus event) - Our student employees are currently available only for on-campus events. If your event is an off-campus event and the students are not otherwise obligated, they might be able to sell tickets at your event. You will need to confirm this in advance. If not, you must make other arrangements to sell your tickets.

Ticket Sales Questions?

Please contact Christopher Montpetit at 419.530.4776 or email him Christopher.Montpetit@UToledo.Edu

This form should work with all web browsers and computer platforms. However, if you have any trouble completing this form or something on it does not work, please call Angela immediately. (419-530-2452) or email her at


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