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The Minor in Business

 Students complete the minor in business as part of their undergraduate degree and in lieu of related courses for the B.A. degree. Completion of the minor waives many of the 5000-level business core courses necessary for the M.B.A. Prerequisites for the business minor include a number of mathematics and economics courses; students can take these courses beginning their first semester at UToledo to complete University core and Arts and Sciences distributive requirements.

The minor in Business consists of:

Prerequisites — maximum of 15 hours

Economics - 3-6 hours (*ECON 1150 + 1200, MIME 2600, or equivalent)
*Mathematics - 3-6 hours (MATH 1260 + 1270, 1750 + 1760, 1850, or equivalent)
*Statistics -  3 hours (MATH 2630, BUAD 2060, or equivalent)

Required Foundation Course — 3 hours

*BUAD 2040 - 3 hours - (Financial Accounting Information)

Additional Requirements — 15 hours

The student selects three of the following (at least one must be at the 3000 level):

BUAD 1010 (Introduction to Business), BUAD 2050 (Accounting for Business Decision Making), *BUAD 2070 (Application of Statistics in Business Decision Making), BUAD 2080 (Global Environment of Business), *BUAD 3010 (Principles of Marketing), *BUAD 3020 (Principles of Manufacturing and Service Systems), *BUAD 3030 (Managerial and Behavioral Processes in Organizations), *BUAD 3040 (Principles of Financial Management), BUAD 3470 (Legal and Ethical Environment of Business).

The student selects 2 additional 3000-4000-level courses from those listed above or from ACCT, BLAW, BUAD, FINA, INFS, IBUS, MGMT, MKTG, OPMT, or ORGD 3000-4000-level courses.

Since BUAD 1010 is a prerequisite for BUAD 1020, any student who passes the proficiency test for 1020 need not to take 1010.

*Prerequisites for the MBA can be fulfilled by completing these courses with a minimum grade of C (2.0).

The standard Minor in Business requires 36 hours: a maximum of 18 hours of prerequisites, 3 hours of required foundation, and 15 hours of additional requirements.

Students interested in the B.A./M.B.A. Program will need to complete 39-42 hours as part of the business minor to satisfy all of the 5000-level M.B.A. prerequisites. They should take the following: MATH 1260, MATH 1270, ECON 1150, ECON 1200, BUAD 1010 (not needed if students pass the proficiency test for BUAD 1020), BUAD 1020 (can be waived if students demonstrate proficiency), BUAD 2040, BUAD 2050, BUAD 2060, BUAD 2070, BUAD 3010, BUAD 3020, BUAD 3030, and BUAD 3040.

All 18 hours listed as prerequisites (A) apply toward the 124 credit hours for the B.A. degree. The 18 hours of required foundation and additional requirements (B and C) are recognized in lieu of related courses for the B.A.

Students pursuing the M.B.A. portion will need to take 1 additional business course beyond the standard Minor in Business to complete M.B.A. prerequisites. You can do this by taking the course:

  • As an undergraduate (and thus graduate with 127 hours for the B.A.)
  • As an Undergraduate with Degree
  • As an M.B.A. student (in which case they will need more than the 2 semesters described here to complete the M.B.A. program)
Last Updated: 10/30/19