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Manufacturing and Technology Management Research Forum (MTMRF)

Organization Purpose

To provide a forum for students to discuss topics such as research, career planning, work-life balance, and issues that relate to doctoral studies in manufacturing and technology management.

MTMRF Constitution 

Activities for Fall 2010


Seminar with Dr. Greg Rawski, Assistant Professor of Management, University of Evansville

Seminar Topic: Simulation (Lean manufacturing and Dot game)

Student research presentation by: Jonathan (Seth) Chatfield

 Title: The Hospital/Physician Relationship


Student research presentation by Chenglei Huang and Bo Li

Title: Ambidextrous governance practices for supply chain risk management: Lessons from 2010 Toyota global recall experiences

Research abstract 

Previous activities


Seminar with Mr. Jamie J. Ecker, Advanced Development Engineer, Magna Composites.

Presentation "Magna Exteriors and Interiors Composite Systems Overview" by Mr. Jamie J. Ecker.

Student research presentaiton by Abdullah Aldakhil.

Title: "The impact of information technology use on supply chain practices".


Seminar with Dr. Hassan Hassab-Elnaby, Assistant Director of Manufacturing and Technology Management Ph.D. Program at the University of Toledo.

Research presentation: "Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the relation between debt covenant violation and earnings management" by Dr. Hassan Hassab-Elnaby.


Student research presentation by David M. Nelson.

Title: "Life cycle cost of international operations TARTA public transportation Toledo, Ohio."


Seminar with Dr. Hokey Min, James R. Good Chair of Global Strategy at Bowling Green State University.

Research presentation on "Global supply chain risk management: An overview and research agenda" by Dr. Hokey Min.


Seminar with Dr. Dale Dwyer and on Distance Learning.

Student research presentation by Kihuyn Park.

Title: "A model of system reconfigurability and pedagogical usability in an E-learning context revisited: Replication and extension."

Faculty discussant: Dr. T.S. Ragu-Nathan.

Student discussant: Melvin Williams.


Seminar with Dr. Mark Vonderembse, Professor and Director of Manufacturing and Technology Management Ph.D. Program at The University of Toledo.

Presentation on "Ph.D. program's history and evolving research" by Dr. Mark Vonderembse.

4/10/2009 Seminar with Dr. Morgan Swink, Professor and Eli Broad Legacy Fellow of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University, Co-Editor in Chief of Journal of Operations Management.

Research presentation on "Supply chain organizational structures within larger corporations" by Dr. Morgan Swink.

3/20/2009 Seminar on "Instrument development - Psychometric measurement" by Dr. Michael J. Zickar, Chair of Psychology Department at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

Student research presentation by Oanh Tran.

Title: "The roles of advanced manufacturing technologies in mediating supplier integration and manufacturing competitive capabilities relationship."

2/20/2009 Seminar on "Global supply chain issues: 2009 and beyond" by Todd Mahaney, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Invensys.

Student research presentation by Ericka Marsillac.

Title: "Measuring the environmental impact of a product."

Faculty discussant: Dr. Hassan Hassab-Elnaby.

Student discussant: David Dobrzykowski.


Student research presentation by David Dobrzykowski.

Title: "Effective integration of e-technologies and lean pratices: Supply chain performance in product and service focused firms."

Faculty discussant: Dr. Thuong Le.

Student discussant: Erika Marsillac.

Student roundtable discussion of conference preparation and proceeding publications strategies.

12/22/2008 Seminar on "Teaching effectiveness: Macro conditions, class organization, and delivery" by Dr. Don Beeman, Director of International Business Institute, Department of Marketing and International Business, College of Business, UT.

Seminar on "Resources available for Ph.D. dissertations" by Dr. Dwight Haase, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, UT.


Student research presentation by Mark Yang.

Title: "Offshore outsourcing strategy from internationalization process perspective."

Faculty discussant: Dr. Monideepa Tarafdar.

Student discussant: Sufian Qrunfleh.

Student roundtable discussions of teaching experience, conference preparation, research assistance resources, and research collaboration.


Student research presentation by Youngsoo Park.

Title: "Envisioning for product development performance: An empirical analysis."

Faculty discussant: Dr. William Doll.

Student discussant: Mark Yang.


Decision Science Institute (DSI) Annual Meeting, November 2008, Baltimore, Maryland.

Third International Symposium and Workshop on Global Supply Chains, Intermodal Transportation, and Logistic Management, January 2009, Coimbatore, India.

Decision Science Institute (DSI) Annual Meeting, November 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Seventh Annual International Symposium on Supply Chain Management, October 2009, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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