John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation

Standard Recommended Features

The following are recommended features that come standard on all College of Business laptops.

Component Recommendation Reason


3 year

Because Laptops are mobile they are more prone to wear and tear than a desktop computer. A warranty is important to protecting your investment of a laptop.



The greater the amount of memory a computer has, the faster it will run. For Windows Vista machines, The College of Business recommends having at least 2GB of memory for running applications.

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

According to Microsoft, "When you want to have it all, including the ability to shift smoothly between the worlds of play and productivity, there's Windows Vista Ultimate. You'll never have to worry about having the most advanced capabilities—they're all here. This edition of Windows Vista offers an advanced, business-focused infrastructure, mobile productivity, and a premium home digital entertainment experience, all in a single offering."


Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel states, "Based on revolutionary Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, the breakthrough Intel® Core™2 Duo processor family is designed to provide powerful energy-efficient performance so you can do more at once without slowing down."

Hard Drive:


Both the D630 and D830 come with a large 120 GB hard drive. 120GB should be more than enough room for saving all your files.


Intel 3945 WLAN (802.11a/g) Mini Card 

 802.11a/g allows students to easily connect to the University of Toledo wireless network.

Display Resolution:


WXGA+ provides a better display resolution than WXGA for a more clear picture.

Optical Drive:

CD & DVD Burner

ACD and DVD burner allow students to back up large amounts of files.
Last Updated: 9/7/21