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Making a REAL Connection


What is REAL?

The REAL Connection program is part of the outreach and engagement effort of the College of Business and Innovation. By providing relevant, engaged, active, leadership and learning experiences beyond the classroom UT students have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life. This practical experience is what employers are looking for. The REAL Connection includes a variety of experiences from business book clubs to job shadowing to service learning to membership in clubs and organizations.

REAL is a way for you to develop your personal skills and resume at the same time doing things that interest YOU!


Employers want to hire those students who have had real experience. Getting that experience can be a real challenge especially if you are working two jobs just to pay tuition. The REAL program can provide you with a variety of relevant, engaged, active, leadership and learning experiences that will make you the graduate that companies want to hire. It is a resume building activity that fits your interests and time schedule. Participation in the REAL Connection will be recognized at graduation, and those individuals who achieve maximum participation will be invited to lunch with recruiters before the Job Fairs. This is a great way to position yourself as the ideal hire for the job you are looking for!

Who Can Get REAL?

The REAL Connection is open to all students within the College of Business. We recommend that your start making REAL Connections Freshman year so that your resume can grow throughout your college experience. 

How Can I Get REAL?

This is the easy part. Simply fill out the interest inventory and the REAL Coordinator will get back with you. If you are currently involved in an activity that isn't on the list and want to know if it can be applied for REAL credit let the REAL Coordinator know. The REAL Connection is a partnership that depends on communication so be sure to give correct contact information!

Last Updated: 11/3/16