Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women

Advisory Board

The task of the Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women Advisory Board, according to its By-Laws, is "to provide broad oversight, guidance and advice to the Vice President for External Affairs and the Associate Vice President of Equity, Diversity and Community Engagement for the programming, financing, and direction of the Center." Or to put it another way, to realize the vision of one of its founders, Catharine S. Eberly.

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Advisory Board Members 2016-17

Dr. Cynthia Beekley – Chair
Community Representative

Marge Lee
Community Representative

Kiran Rai– Vice Chair
Community Representative

Barbara Petee
Community Representative

Sloan Eberly Mann– Secretary
Community Representative

Cynthia Champer
BPW Representative

Jan Antal
Community Representative

Dr. Jeff Grilliot
Community Representative

Garrick Johnson
Community Representative

Marna Ramnath
Community Representative, Past Chair

Jeanne Johns
Community Representative

Linnie Willis
Community Representative

Erika White
Community Representative

Jennifer Hildebrand                                        Community Representative

 Elizabeth Konopka                           Undergraduate Student Representative

Michael Eberly, Ex-officio
Development Committee

Tausha Hussain Black                        Community Representative                                            

 Dr. Shanda Gore, Ex-offico, Director, AVP Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women



Past Advisory Board Chairs


Aug 2015-June 2017

August 2015-June 2015


Jan Antal  

Joan Uhl Browne

Aug 2011- June 2013 Marna Ramnath      
Nov 2010-Aug 2011 Dr. Carolyn Lee      
Nov 2008- Nov 2010 Patricia Holmberg      
Nov 2006 - Nov 2008 Arnette Hawkins             
Mar 2003 - Nov 2006 Linde Hurst Webb      
Feb 2002 - Feb 2003 Linda Furney      
Apr 2000 - Feb 2002 Mary Louise Oakes      
Feb 1998 - Feb 2000 Stacia Roth      
July 1982 - Dec 1997  Isabel Fye Martin      
July 1981 - Jun 1982 Mary K. Bellg      
Sep 1980 - Jun 1981 Bernice Saxon      
Jun 1979 - Sep 1980  Janet Wallin      
Oct 1977 - May 1979 Delphine Peck      
Aug 1977 - Oct 1977 Maribeth Ehasz      
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