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Lucas County Community Satisfaction Survey

From the report's Executive Summary:

The UAC Survey Research Lab conducted a survey of just over 2000 Lucas County residents to gain information about issues and challenges facing Lucas County residents and to determine their level of satisfaction with a variety of public services. The results of this survey can be used by local government and non-profits for program development and can provide guidance to local jurisdictions as they are faced with setting budget priorities and making decisions about the services they provide to their constituents.

The Lucas County Community Satisfaction Survey measures levels of satisfaction among Lucas County residents with regards to public services, infrastructure, education, and neighborhoods. The survey also measures residents’ levels of trust for various sources of information.

The findings, outlined in Chapter Four, show that, in aggregate, Lucas County residents generally are quite satisfied with public services:

  • 69% are satisfied with police services;
  • 96% are satisfied with paramedic services;
  • 98% are satisfied with fire services; and
  • 84% of respondents agreed that "My local government provides the public services I need".
In many cases, however, there are noticeable differences between the opinions of Toledo residents and those from other Lucas County jurisdictions with, Toledo residents being less satisfied.

From the report's Methodology:

Surveys were completed by 2001 Lucas County residents who answered 109 questions by telephone. This sample of respondents is representative of the 331,735 adult residents in Lucas County (US Census Bureau, 2006). The interviews were conducted for seven months (from November 15, 2007 to June 9, 2008.)

The UAC’s experienced telephone survey staff conducted the survey using a questionnaire developed by [the Wright State University Center for Urban Policy Analysis, WSU CUPA] to assess the degree of community satisfaction among Dayton residents. The WSU CUPA survey was also replicated in Akron and Cincinnati.
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