The UT Urban Affairs Center


Comprehensive Analysis of the Financial Impacts of a Centerville City - Washington Township Merger in Montgomery County, Ohio

Dr. Hugh Hinton
Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration
Director, Public Administration Program
The University of Toledo
Faculty Research Associate, The Urban Affsirs Center

Dr. Jack L. Dustin
Director, Center for Urban and Public Affairs
Wright State University

From the Foreward:

This study by the Urban Affairs Center (UAC) at The University of Toledo and the Center for Urban Affairs at Wright State University was commissioned by the Board of Trustees of Washington Township and the City Council of Centerville, both in Montgomery County, Ohio. The charge originated with a Joint Agreement between the Trustees and the City Council signed on January 15, 2007, which was to jointly fund a complete financial analysis conducted by a neutral independent agent. The purpose of the study is to determine the overall financial impact on the citizens if the two entities merged under existing provision of the Ohio Revised Code.

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Estimating the Financial Impact of a Merger

The Urban Affairs Center is making a table available to Centerville City and Washington Township residents in Montgomery County, Ohio so they can estimate the financial effect that a merger between the two jurisdictions might have on their taxes. The table offers four worksheets; residents should choose one to use depending on which community they live in and whether the park district is included in a merger.

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This table is provided for information purposes only, and is not intended to imply what might be proposed by a merger commission in the event of a merger study. It only provides one scenario of what might be possible.

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