The UT Urban Affairs Center


Using the UAC Report Template

The UAC report template is a Word template file that includes the standard title pages, headings, and basic formatting for finished UAC reports. The template has a few brief comments that give hints about its use, as well as placeholders for titles, headings, etc., than can be replaced with the author's text.

To obtain the template, download it to your hard drive and save it to the required location for Microsoft Word templates (found in Word by checking the File Locations tab from the Options menu).

Template usage notes:

  • When pasting text into the template from other Word documents, please use "Paste Special" from the "Edit" menu, then select "Unformatted Text" from the Paste Special choices. This will include the just the text and allow the template's formatting defaults to be applied to the pasted text.
  • If the template's usage comments are not visible to you in Word, do one of the following depending on your version of Word:
    • Select "Comments" from the "view" menu;
    • Select "Preferences" from the "Tools" menu, click the View tab, then check the box next to Hidden Text.
  • To prevent Word from accumulating unneeded styles as you apply formatting, select "Tools|Options" from the menu bar, then select the Edit tab in the Options dialog, then uncheck the box next to "Keep track of formatting".

» Click here to download the UAC report template «