Confucius Institute at The University of Toledo


Sarah Rumple participates in the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp in 2012.  Here are her thoughts regarding her experience.

"China was a great place to go this summer. I wish to give my thanks to the Confucius Center at the University of Toledo and to the Hanban group who worked with my school, Central Catholic High School, to provide this chance for me to go to China. A group of nine other students and I went with our great chaperon, Mrs. Hodge. We went to the Province of Henan and to the capital of China, Beijing."

"This trip was unforgettable. We first went to Henan Province where we went to many historical and local sights in the city we were staying at in Henan. The city is the birthplace of martial arts. We also studied Kung Fu in its many forms while we were there. Our Shifu was absolutely awesome to work with. We got to see firsthand and to do martial arts (and that was a blast). I learned Tai Chi."

"We saw cultural difference everywhere. The food was different but very good. The architecture in places like the Shaolin Temple was amazing to see. The shopping experience was very different from a shopping experience here in America, mainly due to bartering. I learned a few new ways to barter though and hopefully that will be helpful in the future. We saw the arts everywhere and it was beautiful. There were so many pictures and stone carvings showing history in Henan it was amazing! Then we got to perform on national Chinese television doing Tai Chi, an experience that was indescribable."

"I met a lot of people from China and also around the U.S. while in Henan and Beijing. I really enjoyed exploring Henan with our student teachers (Yuan, Liu, Nancy) as guides. We went to the Shaolin Temple and learned its history. My favorite part of the tour was when we were with a Student Teacher named Nancy who told us great stories about the statues and shrines at the temple. Another memorable experience was when Yuan and Liu were teaching us Chinese children’s games. We also went to other places in Henan like the University where Confucius taught. It was so cool to see where many scholars and great people have walked. Lastly my most favorite thing that we went to in Henan was the Shaolin Zen Music Ritual Performance where we all saw many colorful dances, martial arts; and music."

"In Beijing my favorite thing we did was to see the historic sites like the Forbidden City. The garden in the Forbidden Place was amazing with all the stone structures and giant trees everywhere. The Great Wall of China was a very amazing experience (to see the height of The Great Wall was mind boggling). Then when we got to go and perform on television to show what awesome teachers we had for this entire journey, was a priceless absolutely priceless experience."

"Everybody in our group saw so many things that frankly it is impossible to describe everything. What I can say though is my life is forever changed because of the cultural impact that has been made on me from going to China and meeting the wonderful people with a diverse culture. I miss everybody that I met and formed a friendship with and hope to someday see them in the future." 

2012 夏令 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp Closing Ceremony -- Henan

Full Closing Ceremony (The Toledo groups can be seen at 57'45'' to 62'08''.) There are all sorts of creative presentations throughout the video.

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