Confucius Institute at The University of Toledo

Apply for a Chinese Visa

The Confucius Institute works with an outside agent to help processing Chinese visas, please see below for the steps:

  • Please fill out the “Chinese Visa Personal Information Form” in the attachment. (address must be an OHIO address)
  •  On “Application form page 4” in the attachment, ONLY sign on where the red arrow points at and put the date (be aware of the date format is YEAR-MONTH-DAY) Nothing else should be filled out.
  •  Your actual passport (must have at least 6 months before expired and 4 blank pages)
  • One passport size photo (We can do it in CISP, $5 for two)
  •  $180 check payable to PHOENIX TRAVEL INC. (An extra $35 for express service if needed)
  •  $25 FedEx fee paid online (Click Here to Pay).
  •  Please send everything to UToledo Main Campus Snyder Memorial room 1020

For applicants who are under 18 years old. Please email for additional information.

Last Updated: 2/18/20