Confucius Institute at The University of Toledo

Employment Opportunities in China

We will post employment opportunities on this page, most of the jobs are related with teaching English in China. 

Foreign Language Teaching Staff at Yanshan University


The candidate should teach in their native language obtained in their native country and should at least have a Bachelor’s Degree or above in their native country plus two years’ of language teaching experience. Among them, those who have got a Bachelor’s Degree or above in the field of education, language and teaching, or who have got teaching qualification certificates in their native countries or TEFL, can be hired without the requirement of a working experience. 

The compensation for the foreign teachers is as below:

  • The salary is 5,500 RMB for Bachelor degree, 6,000 RMB for master, 6,500 RMB for doctor
  • 4,500 RMB/year for travel allowance
  • For a whole year service, will get a reimburse for a round trip international air ticket
  • After finished his term, he will get 800 RMB for luggage transportation
  • Free accommodation, free water and electricity while in their residence
  • For gas usage, we will reimburse according to the receipt of the actual usage
Last Updated: 6/30/19