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The course known as “FYE” or “First Year Experience Orientation” is required for all incoming, direct from high-school students at the University of Toledo.  The First Year Experience Office in the UT Learning Collaborative, and Learning Ventures have developed a project that emphasizes learning objectives, increased in-class engagement and increased retention as we prepare our first-year students for their academic journey. Students will engage with interactive modules online as well as in-class learning.

First Year Experience Orientation Course

First year students will build connections with the university community through inquiry, participation, problem solving and the identification of campus resources.  Study strategies, time management and skills necessary for academic and personal success will be developed.

As a UT faculty or staff member teaching this class, you have a key role in helping our first year students succeed. At this site you will find the lesson plans and resources to assist you in teaching your orientation class. All students in FYE are required to take the 4 part MAP-Works surveys in their first year at UT. Thank you!

FYE Orientation Course Learning Objectives 2012

 ·    Learners will describe and discuss various study skills and how they apply to their discipline.

 ·    Learners will apply study skills appropriate for assignments in class, i.e., reading, note taking, outlining.

 ·    Learners will demonstrate the ability to engage in critical thinking in reading comprehension, oral and written communication, and alternative kinds of presentations.

 ·    Learners will reflect, critique, and complete personal assessment of time management and goal setting strategies.

 ·    Learners will describe the functions and services of various campus offices and resources and understand how they may impact their academic journey.

 ·    Learners will be able to describe their own strengths, weaknesses, interests and skills and demonstrate an understanding of how they align with their academic journey and career goals.

 ·    Learners will be able to define "diversity" and provide examples that illustrate an understanding of how diversity may positively or negatively impact the university and/or global communities.

 ·    Learners will be able to recognize, analyze and evaluate academic integrity as a core principle that underpins how we live and learn in a community of inquiry.

 ·    Learners will identify academic standards, conventions of documentation, course requirements, and UT institutional policies.




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